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Play Chess with Marcel Duchamp: A Virtual Online Chess Game

A new software program makes it possible to play chess with a virtual Marcel Duchamp. It is basically a chess program with one intriguing feature: the game features an opponent based on Duchamp’s recorded chess matches.


“I’ve come to the personal conclusion that while not all artists are chess players,
all chess players are artists.” Marcel Duchamp

Earlier this year, Colin Marshall told you how “Chess has obsessed many of humanity’s finest minds over centuries and centuries and Marcel Duchamp seems to have shown little resistance to its intellectual and aesthetic pull.”

His passion for the game led Duchamp to design a now iconic Art Deco chess set, to print an array of chess tournament posters, and to become an adept chess player himself, eventually earning the title of “grand master” as a result.

In an intriguing project, Scott Kildall has looked back at records of Duchamp’s chess matches and created a computer program that allows you to play chess with a virtual Marcel Duchamp. The program’s style of play makes it appear like a “Duchampian ghost.”

Just click here, and then click on the chess piece you want to move. It will turn green, and then you can move it with your trackpad/mouse. Enjoy.

Dan Colman is the founder/editor of Open Culture. 

Source: Open Culture: Play Chess Against the Ghost of Marcel Duchamp: A Free Online Chess Game


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