About SoulGPT

SoulGPT is an intelligent chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5. It was added to DIGITALSOULS.COM by Topos Productions, a website and mobile app developer, as part of their new AI for WordPress integration packages.

Topos Productions not simply installed the AI, their team created SoulGPT by training the bot and giving it assistant skills, like sending an email to a user provided email. Try it and ask SoulGPT to email you with information on some topic.

We are currently in the process of advancing the evolution of SoulGPT, dedicating our efforts to enhance not only its responses but also its temperament and overall perspective on various topics. Through meticulous refinement, we aim to imbue SoulGPT with a deeper understanding and a more nuanced approach to engaging in conversations. We invite you to explore and interact with SoulGPT to experience firsthand the notable transformations that have been integrated into its system.

Finally, if you are interested in training and running your own cutting edge AI bot on your WordPress website, be sure to check out Topos Productions special introductory offer!

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