Malcolm Summer

Originally from San Francisco California, I grew up in Hamburg, Germany. In 2017, I moved to Berlin to study biotechnology. During my studies I had the opportunity to take part in two photography courses where I discovered my passion for photography. Since then I’ve almost never left the house without my camera. 


Streetphotography helps me calm my mind and lets me experience my environment in new ways. Expressing myself has never been easy for me, but in photography I have found my medium to help me mediate my thoughts and feelings.


Living in Europe has its perks. It makes it easy for me to travel to many different locations that each challenge me in individual creative ways.  With most of my family living in the United States, my streetphotography is not limited to one continent. At home in Berlin, I never grow tired of exploring new areas or rediscovering known areas of the city. 


In the end, I love the beauty of life and try to capture its aesthetic for everyone to relive it through my eye’s (lenses).



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