Reincarnation 2014

cropped-SB_DS_6089a1.jpgWelcome to the latest virtual reincarnation of — as a WordPress site.

Reincarnations of include its first online appearance as a collection of simple html pages (1997-2000). In 2001, the site saw a new reincarnation as a PHP reactor (2001-3). This virtual reincarnation was followed by a very successful life as a PHP Nuke. During its life as a PHP nuke, evolved and grew through multiple versions of that publishing platform (2004-2013). Today, after a rather brief incarnation as a Joomla site (2013-14), emerges once more in its latest virtual reincarnation, this time as a WordPress site. thrived for almost a decade as a php Nuke site. Unfortunately, the platform began to show limitations starting in 2008. We knew we needed to find a new platform soon. But what was the best way to go? We needed a platform that works seamlessly and easily across devices and operating systems. We also wanted a platform that allows for multiple authors and strong community involvement. After some brief experimentations with Joomla, we decided that WordPress was the best way for us to go.

While the process of reincarnation may be a fundamental fact of karmic life for Buddhists and websites alike, it is hardly ever an enjoyable or desirable process. Rebirth as a WordPress site, from installation to customisation has been fairly straight forward so far. We look forward to bringing various features from earlier incarnations back to the current one.

Your feedback and comments are always welcome. Keep us posted and we look forward to seeing you online.

New archival sections of digital are under construction and, once completed,  will offer more extensive access to the content of earlier versions.

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A first selection of articles that appeared in previous incarnations of digital is available in 2001-2013 php Nuke Archive.

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