generation/mutation v.3 limited edition


Limited edition ot 12 boxes.

Each box contains: 7 original neural style transfer Giclée prints by H-Ray Heine, 1 signed copy of generation/mutation by H-Ray Heine (paperback)

Each print:

7 x 5 inch Giclée print
Archival quality paper and ink
Numbered and signed by the artist
Certificate of Authenticity

Included prints: DV01 (seed image), Hokusai DV01, Kandinsky DV01, Monet DV01, Rothko DV01, Seurat DV01, Van Gogh DV01


This exclusive set of seven (7) Giclée prints includes all of the neural style transfer prints of the third mutation of generation/mutation. Except for the original “seed” image of the project, each of the images was made with the help of AI—generated by the application of neural style transfer models that became accessible as early as 2018. The images are based on the original seed image but they are render with the visual “style” detected in a second image.

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