Open call: Arte Laguna turns 18

Venice – Arte Laguna Prize announces the opening of 18th edition and reconfirms the Arsenale Nord in Venice as venue for the collective exhibition in March 2024.

Until 26th October 2023, artists and designers from all over the world will have the opportunity to apply to the prestigious contest which gives a spotlight to the contemporary artistic excellences.

Arte Laguna Prize has a long tradition in supporting and promoting emerging artists, offering them a platform to globally showcase their talent in portal.

With its inclusive approach, the contest will welcome artists of any age, country, and artistic background, without gender differences and with a free theme. Therefore, the exhibition represents, with every edition, a broad and inclusive picture of the social panorama.

The jury is composed by internationally renowned experts in the visual arts field: Laura Barreca, art historic and scientific director of mudaC, Museum of Arts in Carrara, Italy; Giulia Colletti, curator of digital contents at Rivoli’s Castle Museum of Contemporary Art in Turin, Italy; Krist Gruijthuijsen, director of KW Institute in Berlin, Germany; Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, Independent Curator based in London, United Kingdom; David Max Horowitz, assistant curator at Solomon R. Guggenheim of New York, United States; Lu Peng, director of the artistic committee of Chengdu Biennale in China; Anushka Rajendran, Curator of the Prameya Artistic Foundation in New Delhi, India.

The contest offers numerous opportunities to the participant artists. The categories are: painting, sculpture and installations, photography, video art, performance, virtual and digital art, urban art, land art, digital graphics and cartoon, art design. The prizes include international artistic residencies, collective exhibitions in prestigious art galleries, collaborations with international companies and brands leader in the artistic field, participation in festivals and many more. These opportunities can expand the artists’ network and contacts, get global visibility and get access to precious resources to develop their career.

The 120 finalist artworks are selected by the jury for their artistic quality, the originality and the ability to communicate a significant message. The finalists will contend the money prize of 10.000 euros and will be exhibited, from 2nd March to 1st April 2024, in the prestigious venue of Arsenale Nord in Venice, where they will have the opportunity to be admired by curators, art critics, collectors and art lovers coming from all over the world with over 10.000 thousand presences in every edition. The final exhibition represents a climax for participant artists who will see their works placed in an international contest of great prominence, and moreover it will be a starting point for the many international collaborations of excellence. The exhibition will offer to the public the possibility to participate live streaming to the opening event, transforming the access to art in an engaging and immediate experience.

In 2023/2024 Arte Laguna is the selected winner of the contest PRNN TOCC for Digitization of cultural and creative companies to create a unique project in the contemporary artistic scene. Art meets Technology with the project “Arte Laguna Digital” which aims to revolutionize the way we live and feel artistic exhibitions. The heart of this initiative is the transposition of the concrete exhibition in the Metaverse, the digital three-dimensional universe where art lives in a surprising realistic way. But that’s not all. With great attention to the future of art, the project will implement the management of NFT works (Non-Fungible Token). Thanks to the use of blockchain, every work of art will be certified, guaranteeing the legal validity to be sold.

The section Virtual and Digital Art of Arte Laguna Prize accepts all the works entirely created using computer or digital applications and devices, such as: net art, videogames, augmented reality projects, addictive art, Bio Art, Data Art, digital Performances, generative Art and algorithmic art, electronic art, robotic art, XR Art, NFT Art, Metaverse Art, GAN Art & OpenAI Art, Chrypto Art.

To participate in the contest and get access to the international network, artists can visit the official website of Arte Laguna Prize at

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