google-made 200801 – limited edition Giclée print


by H-Ray Heine

Detail from Google Street View Capture

8 x 10 inch Giclée print
Archival quality paper and ink
Signed and numbered by the artist
Frame ready on 10 x 14 inch white picture mat with white core bevel cut for 8 x 10 inch print

Limited edition of 25 prints


google-made 200801

Soon after the launch of Google Street View, Death Valley Junction in Southern California was included in the map service. With the introduction of the service, it became possible to explore the location in which the original seed image was taken with a web browser and Internet connection. This exploration of street view images resulted in a limited edition series of museum quality Giclée prints. H-Ray Heine calls these machine-generated images:

the google-mades

Google-made 200801google-made 200802    the google-mades - by H-Ray Heine

H-Ray Heine’s Google-mades are generated by an application of Marcel Duchamp’s creative practice of the readymade to the digital domain. In a related project, Readymade Daily, Heine finds a mechanical equivalence to the aesthetic and retinal “indifference” that in Duchamp’s view is the fundamental attitude for the proper selection of a readymade.  In the google-mades series, the images are equally sought and found objects, readily made by machines and software. They are a particular kind of digital readymades.

google-made 200801 by H-Ray Heine

google-made 200801 is the first Giclée print in the series and available exclusively on DIGITALSOULS.COM in a limited edition of 25 prints. All prints are numbered and hand signed by the artist and printed on archival quality paper.



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