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湧声 ”Yusei” – a sound creation made up of myriads of voices

tmymtur_yusei_artwork_640The microscopic particles were developed by myriads of voices. They make you feel the vitality as if lives are flowing over, and after a while, you will realize you are being covered by them, as if sinking into the deep psyche. Then, as if they correlate with the millions of flowing lives and nature in this world, reflecting and blending, we will eventually be touching the shared particles which connect all of us.

tmymtur’s peculiar voice texture includes many territories of ultra-high frequencies (super sonic waves), developing many sounds from ultra-high frequencies, marking over 20kHz – that human ears are incapable of catching.

These ultra-high frequency waves are often included in sounds of nature such as the flow of the river, the forest, waterfalls, and the wind blowing through the trees. Most of these which we consider as comfortable nature sound include these ultra-high frequencies, and it is also said that these ultra- high frequencies have the effect to make the human brain relaxed.

This work was composed using microphones that enable the recording of inaudible “over 20kHz” ultra-high frequencies, and using recording equipment,transmitting them to sampling frequencies of 96kHz/24bit format, to output the elements of ultra-high frequencies included within the voice. By layering over 5000 of these voices, they blend organically, and form the sound creation called “Yusei” which is one of a kind, made just of voices.

It is a composition where people can feel beyond their territories of consciousness, a kind of feeling as if everything is connected and shared. This is produced by his original method of using the senses of imperceptible, ultra-high frequency waves contained within the voice, and the shared musical feelings of live multiplex voices.

tmymtur explores creating music that enables the conducting of “truth” into the depth of the heart. It is brought to this point by his original method of using senses of imperceptible, ultra-high frequencies contained within the voice and the shared musical feelings of live multiplex voices.

In 2012, he releases a sound creation called “湧声 (Yusei)”, made by using microphones that enable recording ultra-high frequencies, and using recording equipment, with over 5000 voices layered, including large amount of inaudible, ultra-high frequencies that human ears are incapable of catching.

tmymtr is constructing a sound system at Asahi Art Square that will allow transmissions of ultra-high frequencies over 20kHz (above the audible bandwidth). His hope is to demonstrate a sound-art performance there, to create a “sound space” where people can subconsciously feel something, such as everything being connected and shared by the sound creation “湧声 (Yusei)”.

Artist name:tmymtur
Track name : 15.11.2012/1
Time : 22:10.210
Format:Digital (96kHz/24bit)
Release date : 21.February.2013
Label name:ENSL AMDC

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This story first appeared on on Feb.3, 2013

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