generation/mutation version 2.1
a collaborative sitework
may 1998 - march 2000
Jean Beil
Daniel C. Boyer
Ted Bragg
Tara Camacho
Ian Cartwright
Kelly Darke
Corey C. Eiseman
Ron George
H-Ray Heine
Jay Heitman
Jon Johnson
Joe Keenan
Scott Lickstein
Oliver Loveday
Mary Lynch
Michael MacKenzie
Alex McLean
Carl Patzel
Martin S. Pribble
Jonathan Prince
Miguel Santos
Elisha Sarti
Martin Selman
Donald Trimble
Jeremy Turner
Zye Zaen

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march 12, 2000

it is almost two years ago that the first presentation of generation/mutation went online in may, 1998.

the response to the site was tremendous and digital artists from all over the globe kept sending  contributions to the project.

as a result, generation/mutation v.2.1 presents the works of more than twenty new artists and offers a striking expansion on the first version of the site.

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h-ray heine
krefeld, germany
march 2000

[email protected]

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