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January  2001
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Play Color KeyboardColor Keyboard

by Sergio Maltagliati

Italian visual music composer Sergio Maltagliati invites the user to explore this interactive instrument.  By moving the mouse across the surface are of Color Keyboard, various sound clusters are created and different color samples are displayed.

Talking about his work, Maltagliati comments: 

       "I hear all the sounds that are in a image. I listen to them very
       carefully...I think that whoever likes sound loves the image, which
       is full of sounds." 

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About Sergio Maltagliati

Based in Florence, Italy, Sergio Maltagliati works as a visual music composer and media artist.  His recent work includes a Net Opera which might be described as a collaborative online composition. 

For more information about Maltagliati, please visit his website at:

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